release date:

May 08, 2018


A La Mar

  • Las Poblanitas (Son Huasteco)
  • El Guapo (Son Jarocho)
  • El Siquisiri (Son Jarocho)
  • El Zacamandu (Son Huasteco)
  • Sentadita Esta La Virgen (Alabanza)
  • El Fandanguito (Son Jarocho)
  • El Aguanieve (Son Jarocho)

Shira Kammen: violin, viola, vielle Eugene Rodriguez: voice, guitar, leona jarocha, huapanguera, jarana huasteca Lucina Rodriguez: voice, jarana jarocha, quijada Fabiola Trujillo: voice Emiliano Rodriguez: string bass, pump organ Silvestre Martinez: cajon

CD RELEASE PARTY A celebration of the release of A La Mar will take place at Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy in San Pablo California on May 19th, at 7:30pm. Shira and her band Aquila will join Los Cenzontles for a performance of songs from the album, and other music from their wide-ranging repertoire.