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October 27, 2012



  • Adiós California
  • Murmullos
  • Ay Pasajero
  • A Tu Lado
  • Vuela
  • Free To Be Me
  • Un Día Feliz
  • No Politics
  • Tirana
  • The Silence
  • La Lloroncita
  • Hijo Mío
  • Valor Latino
  • Only Love Can Break A Heart
  • Bonus Track: Migration
  • Bonus Track: Bugalú

Production Credits

Produced by Eugene Rodriguez and David Hidalgo
Executive Producer: Jon Logan
Associate Producers: Kawika McKeague, Mike Kappus, Rhea J. King, and Eugene Robinson
Copyright © 2012 Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center
Recorded by Tom Size at Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center, San Pablo, CA.
Additional recording by Paul Dieter and Bryce Gonzales at Five Star Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
Raul Malo recorded by Nathan Yarborough at Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN.
Mixed by Greg Morgenstein at Enormous Studio, Los Angeles, CA. Mastered by George Horn, Berkeley, CA.
Cover photo by Mike Melnyk.
Cover photo shoot direction by Marie-Astrid Do-Rodriguez.
Photo illustration by Nick Fain. Graphic Design by Michele Perez.
Hair and make up by Sacha Badame. Model: Monze.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to David Hidalgo for being our brother; Linda Ronstadt for her support, advice, song suggestions, introductions, instrument and equipment loans, and inspiration; Jackson Browne for joining us on this album and being a warm and generous host in Los Angeles; Raul Malo, Elvin Bishop, Pete Sears, Shira Kammen, Peter Maund, Cougar Estrada and Carlos Caro for lending their amazing musical voices; Richard Rodriguez for his patient counsel in searching for a voice for The Silence; Mike Kappus and Ry Cooder for their ongoing support; and Sam Quinones for writing the liner notes and paying attention to the changing world around us.

Additional thanks to our incredible Los Cenzontles staff who kept the tortillas warm during this recording: Marge Betley, Barbara Selhorst, France Do, Marie Astrid Do-Rodriguez, Lauren Merker, Cary Sheldon and Andy Kridle; and Tracy Singleton for the amazing dress.

And thank you to everyone who made this recording possible.

Our Kickstarter Backers

Executive Producer:
Jon Logan

Associate Producers:
Kawika McKeague
Mike Kappus
Rhea J. King
Eugene Robinson

Additional backers:
John Juan Adams
Geoff Alexander
Amanda Almonte
Lucero Arellano
Gloria Audet
Tanya & Mario Avila
Jesse Bachrach
Olympia Andrade Beltran
Roy Bennett
Barry R. Bertram
LisaRose Blanchette
William Blunt
MJ Bogatin
Jan Brown
Emilie Cacho
Stefan Cajina
Jeff Chang
Sofia Close
Maria L Colmenarez
John Cuniberti
Clinton Day
Joan Drinkard
Thomas Eusterbrock
Jason Ferreira
Jim Fitzpatrick
Laura Folger
Ensambles Ballet Folklorico
Leslie Freeman
Erich M Frisch
Ruben Garcia
Andrew Gilbert
Marco Gonzales
Martha Gonzalez
Bob Goodell
Chris Simon & Maureen Gosling
Christine Greig
Agustin Gurza
Eloy M Gutierrez
Janne Haavisto
Dan Haifley
James Hansonq
Glen Hauer
Louis Head
David Hellman
Michael Helm
Al Carlos Hernandez
Gordon Hester
Tadd Igarashi
Carol Jauch
Celeste Jimenez
Tamara Johnston
Andy Karn
Ann Kircher
Quinteto Latino
John Leopold
Carole Lesnick
Jesus Loizaga
Adam Lovingood
Jeff Ludlow
Scott Mackdanz
Karen Mallory
Miriam Martinez
Peter Maund
David Maxwell
Raquel McKinney
Paul Menichini
Michael Merrifield
Sylvia Mullally
Patricia Nava
Russell Nelson
Alice Okomoto
Lorena Oropeza
Gail Pacifica
Eric Page
Peggy Peralta
Fabian Peter
Jeffrey Raskin
Dan Ringer-Barwick
Sandy Miranda Robinett
Azucena Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez
Marie Rodriguez
Sandra Rojas
Annette Sanchez
Diane Sanchez
Roland & Alma Sarlot
Susan Sasaki
Linda Schweidel
Robert Scott
Barbara Selhorst
Cary Sheldon
Susana Silva-Strommer
Ruth Simon
William Smith
Gower Suen
Doria Summa
Liv Malabuyo Tablante
Josie S. Talamantez
Jim Taylor
Vaughn Temple
Alex Torrez
Marin Trujillo
Michael Vallejos
Jim Veit
Randy Vogel
Dirk Weiss
Cindy Weitzman
Michele White
Phyllis Willett
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Frank Zepeda
Sebastian Zubieta