Pasajero: A Journey of Time and Memory (DVD)
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November 18, 2008


Pasajero: A Journey of Time and Memory

An engaging bilingual one-hour documentary that follows a group of young Mexican-American musicians who join their mariachi maestro on his homecoming to Mexico. Together they perform a forgotten style of roots mariachi music and dance, and meet people who embody the spirit of old Mexico. Pasajero is a heartfelt reminder of the vital role that music plays in defining our identities.

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Pasajero A tribute to the marvelous culture and musical traditions of Mexico!
- Los Tigres del Norte
Pasajero successfully combines music with storytelling, creating a tale of a forgotten Mexican tradition told by the folks who lived it and the young people struggling to reclaim their heritage.
- Les Blank
A fresh and colorful approach to the story of one group's endeavor to captivate and engage the next generation of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in their own dynamic cultural inheritance.
- Maureen Gosling
Pasajero, A Journey of Time and Memory breaks new ground in the documentation of ethnic music and its impact on cultural identity. It powerfully explores nascent transnational imaginaries and new forms of social convivencia.
- Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, Independent Scholar, New York