Los Cenzontles Touring Group Performs at the Kennedy Center and Library of Congress

Los Cenzontles performed on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage and at the Library of Congress with support from the American Folklife Center. It was a wonderful recognition of our 30 years of promoting Mexican traditions.

Following our Kennedy Center performance, an interesting perspective was offered by Agustín Gutiérrez Canet in the online Milenio magazine: “Los Cenzontles, founded 30 years ago by Eugene Rodríguez in San Pablo, California, near San Francisco, is also an art academy where children of the Mexican diaspora learn the music and dance of their ancestors. The persistent work of cultural dissemination of Eugene Rodríguez and other groups in the United States deserves the support of the Mexican government, through the Secretariats of Foreign Affairs and Culture, so that the voice of the Mexican-American community is heard stronger throughout the country. In this country there are more than 36 million Americans of Mexican origin. Let the cenzontles sing, bird of the 400 voices, and the tweets be silent.”

To view the entire show at the Kennedy Center CLICK HERE.

Los Cenzontles Academy’s Summer Session has Begun

The Academy’s Summer Session begins the week of July 8th. For more information, or to sign up for classes, please call or email Fabiola Trujillo: 510-233-8015 | fabiola@loscenzontles.com

Article on Los Cenzontles from 48 Hills

Los Cenzontles ramps up its Mexican rhythm connection

L.A. Times Publishes a Feature Article on Los Cenzontles Sonoran Dessert Trip!

The March 10th Sunday edition of the L.A. Times included a long, thoughtful article on our recent road trip with Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne to the Sonoran Dessert. Many Los Cenzontles voices are represented in the article–students, teachers, and band members.

Here is an excerpt that captures some of the magic of the experience: “Linda sat in her chair on the sidelines, listening intently as Bobby and Petie’s voices locked in tight two-part harmony. Soon, however, a visitor seated next to her heard an angelic harmony gently gliding above the two male voices — an intimate encore from the voice that launched at least a thousand heartthrobs and heartaches decades ago.”

The entire article can be read here.

Los Cenzontles Travels to the Rio Sonora Valley in Sonora, Mexico!

We are pleased to announce that 21 members of Los Cenzontles, including our touring quartet and 17 youth, will travel to the Rio Sonora Valley in Sonora, Mexico, to perform a variety of traditional Mexican music in the pueblos of Banamichi and Arizpe. The performances will take place in the town plazas, free to the public, on Saturday and Sunday, February 16 & 17. We look forward to updating you on this very special trip.