Annual Christmas Concert went beautifully

Our December 8 Annual Christmas Concert went beautifully. Our wonderful academy students performed a variety of styles of music and dance for friends and family. Our parent volunteers made and served homemade food and drinks. In fact, parent Antonio Velazquez not only cooked and served traditional huaraches but refused to be reimbursed for the cost of the food. He did so in appreciation for the classes at Los Cenzontles which his daughter Daisy loves. Because everyone at Los Cenzontles contributes, our children thrive. We thank everyone involved!


Dia De Los Muertos at LC Canceled

Our Dia De Los Muertos event for LC Academy has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Noche P’urepecha

We had a fantastic time in our Noche Cultural concert featuring master artist Atilano Lopez Patricio from Jaracuaro, Michoacan. Atilano is a cultural icon in the P’urepecha region of Michoacan and many people in the Bay Area who are from that region came to see him perform with us. In the week leading up to the event we had Atilano teach our students for the show. We played many pirekuas & sones abajeños that night and our students danced.

Classic Ranchera Release

Check out our new Los Cenzontles video of the classic ranchera composed by celebrated Mexican songwriter Jose Alfredo Jimenez. If you always wanted to understand the lyrics but don’t speak Spanish, click on the CC tab for English translation. Video directed by Emiliano Rodriguez.


One Lobo, One Night Success

We had a blast sharing the stage with David Hidalgo of Los Lobos for our Noche Cultural concert. It is always a special experience performing along side Divid Hidalgo, and more so in our cultural center.