Live Stream! Conexiones: A Cuban Mexican Connection

Thursday -
2:00pm PST

Conexiones: A Cuban Mexican Connection is a documentary chronicling the 2016 tour of Cuba by Mexican American roots group Los Cenzontles. Los Cenzontles (The Mockingbirds), based in California, have a long history of reviving and promoting Mexican roots music and connecting those roots to other world music cultures. Conexiones captures a unique glimpse into Cuban cultural life during an historic time of openness between the United States and Cuba.

Los Cenzontles were granted rare access to perform traditional Mexican music in four cities around Cuba where they engaged with Cuban musicians from a variety of walks of life. There they discovered the richness of Cuban culture and Cuba’s deep affection for and fascination with Mexican culture. The film is a poignant statement on the importance of cultural exchange and openness at a time of uncertainty in U.S.-Cuban relations.