Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy

Classes at Los Cenzontles provide students with a rich cultural arts foundation that develop skills, confidence, and creativity in young people, while contributing to living Mexican American cultural art forms. Students engage in rigorous, fun, hands-on learning in traditional music, dance, folk arts and crafts, taught by master artists!


The only requirement to learn at Los Cenzontles Academy is readiness to learn. Many of our students join us at around 7 years old and often continue until they reach adulthood. Our student body is diverse, including first, second and third generation Mexican Americans, mixed race and ethnicities, and non Latinos. Through learning arts skills they gain confidence, perseverance, self-awareness, and collaborative skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Students start by learning the fundamentals of an art practice and progress to more advanced classes as well as a wider range of styles.


Music & Dance (Ages 7+)

    • Guitar
    • Singing
    • Dance/Zapateado

Artesania (Ages 7+)

    • Arts & Crafts 
    • Jewelry
      • Prerequisites: We ask that new students, interested in jewelry, start off by enrolling in our beginner art class. This helps them build the foundational skills needed for our jewelry class and gives the teacher the opportunity to assess and cater to their skills. If your child has a special need, please let us know.

For the most accurate information on classes, schedules and how to register, please contact Fabiola Trujillo at fabiola@loscenzontles.com or 510-233-8015.


Academy Testimonials

"Los Cenzontles is a factory of culture."


"Best After-School Program."

East Bay Express

"Los Cenzontles is the best community-based arts program I have ever seen."

Linda Ronstadt

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer

"Our friends at Los Cenzontles have not only helped our daughter Sophia develop her talent as a dancer. They’ve also nurtured in her such a beautiful connection to her Mexican roots. Los Cenzontles is a priceless resource for our youth and the community as a whole."

Heidi Lopez

Mother of Sophia, age 9

"Los Cenzontles is a sanctuary for people of all ages and nationalities, and encompasses the rich Mexican culture through music and dance, which in essence, feeds the soul."


Los Cenzontles Alumni

Musical Styles We Teach

Los Cenzontles continues the cultural legacies of master artists with whom they have learned and teaches the musical styles to new generations. These include the son jarocho, mariachi tradicional, purépecha styles and more. Beginning with movement, rhythm, strings and vocals, students will have the opportunity to learn regional instruments such as jarana, vihuela, violin, and hand percussion.

Son Jarocho

Son Abajeño de Jalisco

Son Abajeño de Michoacan y Pirekuas

Cancion Ranchera


Polkas and Valses




Los Cenzontles is proud to say that ALL class fees are significantly subsidized. This is a result of funding from foundations as well as donations from individuals like you.

Group Classes 10-week sessions

  • First group class: $75
  • Second group class: $50 ($125 total)
  • Additional classes: $25 per class

Private Lessons are 30-minutes

  • $20 per lesson, and $100 deposit

For any questions on our academy program, please contact Fabiola Trujillo at fabiola@loscenzontles.com or 510-233-8015.

The Cenzontles Commitment

Los Cenzontles has provided quality arts education training to young people since 1989. Our unique approach is both disciplined and fun. Our highly trained, internationally recognized, faculty focus on building our students’ skills in listening, awareness, communication, teamwork, and expression. 

Our maestros use their expertise and take the necessary time to assess and monitor each child’s strengths and needs in order to place them into the most appropriate class or ensemble. We ask for your patience with this process; it is designed to provide your child the best learning experience. 

Los Cenzontles was founded to hold our community youth to the high standards they are capable of reaching. Therefore, we require that our students attend consistently, arrive punctually, be respectful and cooperate to create an environment where they can all learn and grow. 

Class fees are designed to be affordable for our community. What our families pay covers 15% of the actual costs of our program, we raise donations and grants to support our program. We welcome and appreciate your cooperation and support.

Los Cenzontles Juvenil

Listen to our student recording of Alingo Lingo, a Chilena style song of the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, the home region of their teacher, Silvestre Martinez. Alingo Lingo