Where our roots intersect

Cross Cultural Connections

In the belief that connecting to our deepest roots connects us to the roots of others, Los Cenzontles has partnered with many world renowned artists of various musical roots.

Connecting through music and culture

Los Cenzontles has partnered with artists who share a common goal of preserving tradition, spreading cultural awareness, and highlighting the diversity around us. Our partnering artists and supporters include Linda Ronstadt, David Hidalgo, Jackson Browne, Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder, the Chieftains, Preservation Hall, and many others.

Our collaborations include the styles of Zydeco, Rock, Tex-Mex, Irish Folk Music and more.

We engage with musicians from various backgrounds and discover the richness of our roots and how they intersect. Our music videos and films highlight the impact of connecting to our heritage and other cultures around us.

Rooted in Tradition

Distinctly American

"Los Cenzontles 'both honors and upends traditional Mexican music, tapping deep roots as it flowers into something completely new, and distinctly American.'"
The New York Times

Conexiones: A Cuban Mexican Connection

A film that captures a unique glimpse into Cuban cultural life during an historic time of openness between the United States and Cuba. Los Cenzontles was granted rare access to perform traditional Mexican music in four cities around Cuba where they engaged with Cuban musicians from a variety of walks of life. There they discovered the richness of Cuban culture and Cuba’s deep affection for and fascination with Mexican culture. The film is a poignant statement on the importance of cultural exchange and openness at a time of uncertainty in U.S.-Cuban relations. Click to watch on Youtube

Connexiones: A New Orleans Mexican Connection

In late-2018, Los Cenzontles was invited to join Preservation Hall for a series of events and musical collaborations. Our Academy students traveled with the band for an experience of a lifetime. These young music and dance students engaged with members of Preservation Hall and other local experts who represent the beating heart of New Orleans culture. Conexiones: A New Orleans Mexican Connection is a dynamic, visually inventive video assembled by photographer and filmmaker James Hall from footage gathered during our week-long residency in New Orleans with Preservation Hall Jazz Band. As the 10-minute photomontage film unfolds, the viewer is treated to syncopated, painterly images that complement poignant moments of novel musical expression and heartfelt, first-person reflections on this uncommon cultural connection. Click to watch on YouTube!