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Outreach & Residencies

Los Cenzontles (The Mockingbirds) have created a powerful model of sustainable community development through the cultural arts in their San Francisco East Bay Area city of San Pablo for over thirty years. Invite cultural activists Los Cenzontles to your college or community for an event or multi-day residency.

What we Offer

Los Cenzontles has produced dozens of documentaries and short films that highlight first-voice stories of working class, first, second and third generation immigrants, and multi-racial and multi-ethnic people and that promote dignity, resilience, and cultural pride in various communities.

Sample films include: Pasajero, A Journey of Time and Memory; Fandango, Searching for the White Monkey; Vivir (To Live); Tata’s Gift; Conexiones: A Cuban Mexican Connection; Musical Conversations: Los Cenzontles & Preservation Hall; Linda and the Mockingbirds; Puntos de Vida; Joy in Music

Our Valor Latino Consultancy is a six-phase guided program designed to help nonprofit institutions and community organizations build deeper connections with Latino communities through partnerships and cultural program development. Through a more culturally competent leadership structure and a trusting relationship with your community, you will pave the way to create strengthened programming, increased community engagement and an expanded constituency that can help you build long-term sustainability.

Members of Los Cenzontles serve as culture bearers that carry years of experience working with youth, marginalized communities, and traditional arts education. Lectures and speeches can include subjects such as:

  • Connecting youth and family development through participatory culture
  • Integrating rural folk pedagogy in urban settings
  • Implementing the importance of custodianship among minority youth
  • How traditions are passed through generations
  • Deconstructing hierarchies in the institutional practice of folklore

Los Cenzontles master folk artists create hands on workshops of traditional art forms including dance, arts and crafts, and verse writing.

Educational and interactive performances of traditional and authentic Mexican music and dance, as well as fusion of rock and blues, all celebrating the diversity and cross-cultural connections that make up the American identity.

Design a Los Cenzontles visit that aligns with your community needs. Fees range depending on travel need and scope of activities.

For more information email or call (510) 233-8015.