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Los Cenzontles

Los Cenzontles has pioneered revivals of Mexican roots music in California cultivating traditional rhythms to connect generations. Interpreting traditional, classic, and original songs in their own voices, Los Cenzontles captures the depth, clarity, and living spirit of our heritage with dignity and and care.

The band has performed across the United States, Mexico, Cuba, the UK, and the Dominican Republic, sharing the beauty of their Mexican roots all over the world through their media productions. The group’s members were trained at their Cultural Arts Academy and have worked with many Mexican folk musicians and diverse renowned artists as well.
Eugene Rodriguez, founder and director of Los Cenzontles anchors the group on guitar and voice. Fronting the group is the dynamic vocal duo of Fabiola Trujillo and Lucina Rodriguez, both of whom joined the group at the age of fifteen, as students from Los Cenzontles Academy.
Los Cenzontles’ core members also serve as the programming staff and teachers of our academy. They pass on musical traditions to new generations and invite their students to perform with them on stage and participate in production projects. To book the band, please email us at

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Cross Cultural Connections

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