Alma P'urhépecha (2018)

Atilano López Patricio is a Native P’urhépecha musician, songwriter, artisan and painter from Jaracuaro, Michoacán, México. In his youth, Don Atilano worked in the fields along with his brothers and father Gervacio López Isidro, and played music in the afternoons. He first came to California in 1999 at which time he began sharing his traditions with members of Los Cenzontles. Alma P’urhépecha is an album of songs performed by Los Cenzontles and Don Atilano in the inventive and beautiful musical style of the indigenous P’urhépecha people.


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"Los Cenzontles 'both honors and upends traditional Mexican music, tapping deep roots as it flowers into something completely new, and distinctly American.'"
The New York Times