Pasajero, a Journey of Time and Memory (2004)

Pasajero, a Journey of Time and Memory is the companion CD to the award-winning documentary of the same title by Ricardo Braojos and Eugene Rodriguez. Like the exquisite DVD, the companion CD brings to life a lost tradition in a manner that resonates with people from this tradition as well as new audiences of all backgrounds. In 2003 Los Cenzontles traveled to Mexico’s heartland in search of the deeper meanings of its traditions. They accompanied their elder mariachi maestro on his homecoming.  Far from the kitschy take of many modern mariachis, Los Cenzontles reestablish this dignity and creativity to this remarkable genre. Pasajero is a heartfelt reminder of the vital role that music plays in defining our identities.

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Pasajero breaks new ground in the documentation of ethnic music and its impact on cultural identity.
Tomás Ybarra-Frausto Independent Scholar, New York