Linda and La Marisoul: An Afternoon at Los Cenzontles

On a crisp afternoon in March 2022, members of Los Cenzontles welcomed a group of musicians, friends, and students for an afternoon of music and connection at their Cultural Arts Academy in San Pablo. The legendary singer Linda Ronstadt was guest of honor, and the exceptional Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez, with her son Jarocho group Son California, stopped by to visit the Academy for their first time. After sharing memories and stories of gratitude, the visiting musicians joined members of Los Cenzontles in a boisterous performance of sones Jarochos to honor Linda.

Linda and La Marisoul: An afternoon at Los Cenzontles documents this extraordinary moment in time in which old and new friends gather to celebrate music and culture. The result is a merengue of joy and heartfelt tears.

Produced by Los Cenzontles founder Eugene Rodriguez, with photography by James Hall, and edited by Chris Brown, Linda and La Marisoul: An afternoon at Los Cenzontles neatly fits into their ample catalogue of first voice films that provide an intimate glimpse into the lives of the neighborhood.