P'urhépecha Uékani (Beloved P'urhépecha)

P’urhépecha Uékani (Beloved P’urhépecha) is a short film depicting two young singers visiting their elder maestro in his Indigenous Mexican pueblo. Fabiola Trujillo and Lucina Rodriguez, of Mexican American roots group Los Cenzontles, began studying traditional P’urhépecha music with Atilano López Patricio at their cultural arts academy in San Pablo, Ca in 1999. This 2004 visit was their first to his pueblo of Jarácuaro, Michocacán.

In P’urhépecha Uékani, we hear rhythmic sones abajeños, and lilting pirekuas, love songs sung in P’urhépecha and Spanish. We see lovely landscapes of Lake Patzcuaro and Jarácuaro’s colorful markets. And we experience the intimacy of Don Atilano’s homelife including a family fogata, or campfire, complete with music, dance, food, and conviviality.

Since 1989, Los Cenzontles (The Mockingbirds) have distinguished themselves by interpreting and promoting Mexico’s traditional arts without barriers. P’urhépecha Uékani (Beloved P’urhépecha) exemplifies the spirit of their enduring work, reminding us that tradition is a matter of the heart.