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Alma Campirana


“Alma Campirana” includes rancheras, country style songs of love, “Ojitos Verdes” and “El Columpio” and tragic corridos “Pelo de Oro” and “El Asesino” as well as corridos of the Mexican revolution “La Rielera” and “El Sepulcro de Zapata”.



“Alma Campirana” (Country Soul) is an album of vintage Mexican songs in the country campirana style of the 1950’s and 60’s. Set to acoustic folk guitars, the Los Cenzontles quartet brings vigor and freshness to classic rancheras and corridos, echoing past groups like Las Palomas, Las Jilguerillas, and Las Hermanitas Nuñez.

Los Cenzontles’ celebrated vocal duet of Fabiola Trujillo and Lucina Rodriguez chose songs for “Alma Campirana” with which they have deep personal connections. The two spent parts of their childhoods in Mexican pueblos in Zacatecas and Jalisco, born into musical families. And although they immigrated to California, they maintain deep connections to their roots. “Alma Campirana” also features Eugene Rodriguez on 12-string guitar and vocals, and Emiliano Rodriguez on bass. Lucina Rodriguez plays Mexican folk guitars vihuela and guitarra de golpe as well as zapateado percussive dance.

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