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Flor de Canela, 10 Anos de Dueto


Flor de Canela, 10 Anos de Dueto is a compilation of hearty love songs performed over the past decade by Los Cenzontles vocal duet Lucina Rodriguez and Fabiola Trujillo. The album features the best of rancheras, corridos, sones and pirekuas of the Mexican countryside.



“Fabiola and Lucina, the two women singers in the group Los Cenzontles, have become a powerhouse dueto who sing with feeling, gusto and expression in the wonderful tradition of the many female duets to precede them in the Norteño Mexican music genre. The sound of Fabiola and Lucina in synch and in full flight just grabs your insides and evokes gritos! These two singers have honed their duet sound to perfection and can be compared with the most famous historic names such as Las Hermanas Padilla, the Mendoza Sisters, Carmen Y Laura (from the US side) and Dueto Rio Bravo, Las Jilguerillas, Las Palomas, Las Norteñitas, and many of the other sister duets from the Mexican side of the Rio Bravo, who were extraordinarily popular in the 1950s and 60s. Fabiola and Lucina’s duet sound is puro norteño even when they are accompanied by the slide guitar of David Hidalgo and with a more modern beat! I never tire of listening to them!” Chris Strachwitz, Arhoolie records

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