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Son Con Son, En El Suelo Americano


This exciting project features Los Cenzontles with son Jarocho masters Mono Blanco and cuatro Cubano virtuoso Kiki Valera. Its 11 tracks unite the rhythm and spirit of the son Jarocho from Veracruz and Cuba’s traditional son Cubano.



Son Con Son, En el Suelo Americano, is a collection of traditional and classic music in the style of Son Jarocho, Son Cubano, Boleros, Punta Guajira, and Ranchera-Guaguanco.

Cuban congas, bongo, clave and guiro effortlessly mix with Jarocho jarana, requinto, pandero and quijada. The cuatro Cubano and Jarocho harp dazzle the ear with virtuosic brilliance. And the timeless voices of Los Cenzontles and Mono Blanco sing of love and connection with mastery and soul.


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