Los Cenzontles is a band, a nonprofit organization, a music academy, a community space for youth and families, and a hub for Latino artists – all working together to amplify our Mexican roots here in the Bay Area and beyond.

We produce original music, videos, and educational tools. We teach classes to hundreds of local youth in traditional Mexican music, dance, and arts and crafts. We host many popular community events throughout the year.

Locally, we are a second home for many families and we are a long-standing leader in the Mexican roots revival here in the United States.


Convivencia de Grupos de Arpa Grande

Check out LC Production’s new video featuring six groups from Modesto, California, who present the arpa grande tradition from Michoacan’s Tierra Caliente. Convivensia de Grupos de Arpa Grande

New Los Cenzontles Tex-Mex Album Carta Jugada

On May 26 Los Cenzontles will release ‘Carta Jugada’, a new collaborative album of classic Tex Mex songs with San Antonio based Los Texmaniacs and accordion legend Flaco Jiménez.

LC Academy Alumni Stories

What impact has Los Cenzontles Academy had in the lives of our alumni? We recently asked some what they do, how they contribute to society, and how Los Cenzontles impacted them. Click…